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Master's Thesis Research Position

The Gene Center of the University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) carries out interdisciplinary research and teaching in the modern life sciences. The city of Munich is located in the south of Germany close to the Alps and offers a large variety of cultural events and leisure activities.

The Halic group at the Gene Center is happy to receive applications from highly motivated and enthusiastic researchers for Master’s thesis research.


The main focus of Halic group is on studying the mechanism of heterochromatin formation and of histone chaperoning. The research in our group is multifaceted and interdisciplinary in nature, ranging from genetics, systems biology and molecular biology to biochemistry and structural biology. This gives students a great opportunity to work in the field they find most exciting: yeast genetics, classical biochemistry, bioinformatics, or structural biology (either X-ray structural biology or cryo-electron microscopy).


If you are interested in joining our group or would like further information, please email Dr. Mario Halic

Handicapped candidates with equal qualifications will be given preference.

For information on the Gene Center, please visit its website.