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Master and PhD Thesis in the Herzog Lab

The group of Biological Mass Spectrometry laboratory (Herzog lab) is especially interested in investigating the assembly of macromolecular protein complexes that are guiding the accurate distribution of genetic information to daughter cells during cell division. For the structural analysis we use chemical cross-linkers and identify the linked amino acid residues by mass spectrometry. The structural information is a distance measurement defined by the length of the cross-linker which allows to describe the subunit architecture of protein complexes. We will combine mass spectrometry with structural biology, biochemistry and cell biology to investigate the architecture of cellular protein structures and how they are assembled.

Your profile

We are looking for highly motivated students who share our enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research combining mass spectrometry with structural and cell biology. Candidates must have practical experience in molecular biology and protein purification and a strong interest in cell division and protein biochemistry.

Research Environment

The Gene Center is an institute of the LMU providing a dynamic, interactive and international scientific environment, located within the biomedical research campus in München-Martinsried. The research agenda of the Gene Center is focused on understanding how the genetic information stored on chromosomes is expressed and maintained in the cell. Disciplines represented at the Gene Center include structural biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and computational modeling of molecular systems.


The PhD position is initially limited to 2 years. The salary is according to the TV-L. The University of Munich is an equal opportunity employer. Handicapped candidates with equal qualifications will be given preference.


Please send your CV with a summary of previous research experience to Dr. Franz Herzog