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Information and measures regarding the CoV-19 situation

General information given by LMU

LMU Munich provides latest information and lists current measures in relation to the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2). Please inform yourself regularly. Last update: 27.03.2020, 14:30

Effects of exit limitations

According to the general ruling of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health from 20 March 2020, leaving one's own home is only allowed if there are good reasons (so-called „Ausgangsbeschränkung“). Going to work is a valid reason. In the event of an inspection, the person concerned must substantiate the valid reason. A certain form is not prescribed for this. To avoid possible complications, you can print out an employer's certificate in your LMU user account.

Access to LMU buildings

Persons who have stayed in an area which was designated as a risk area by the Robert Koch-Institute at the time of their stay or which was designated as such within 14 days thereafter may not enter universities in Bavaria within a period of 14 days after leaving this area. No exceptions are possible. This requirement of the Bavarian State Ministry of Health is valid from 18 March 2020 to 19 April 2020.

All university buildings, including the LMU library reading rooms, are closed to the public from 17 March 2020 until 19 April 2020.

Information for members of the Gene Center

Reduced presence/laboratory research at the Gene Center only from 23.3 on

Two persons per research group for critical and maintenance laboratory work. Covid-19 related research proceeds normally.

Central Services (IT, repairs, purchasing, finances, …)

In order to better protect the central employees and to enable home office we shut down the central services to an emergency operation.

Please note the following:

  • Purchasing: Distribution only on Tuesdays, otherwise Michael Englschall works in the home office
  • HiWi contracts: No new contracts will be made as Petra Fulde will also work in the home office.


We are obliged by the ministry of the state of Bavaria to report twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays before 9 am) about any of the following 7 cases. PLEASE report any mentioned case to the person that you would usually send your sick note and directly to Sabine Bergelt will be in the home office next week, but will be on site at least once per week.

Possible cases:

  1. Employees with symptoms AND contact to a person that had been positively tested for COVID-19
  2. Employees with symptoms AND stays in risk areas (specify area)
  3. Employees in quarantine inside Germany (commanded by the public health department)
  4. Employees in quarantine outside Germany (if commanded by a government body)
  5. Employees that are not allowed to travel back to Germany (if commanded by a government body)
  6. Employees who can’t appear at work due to closing of school, kinder garden etc. AND work from home (home office)
  7. Employees who can’t appear at work due to closing of school, kinder garden AND can’t work from home

Information for students

Research is down regulated to urgent basic maintenance work and all teaching courses, exams, internships and theses are suspended until further notice from the Ministry of Culture and Education.

We will keep you informed about the further procedure and planning of the summer term on our website:
In addition to the website, please check your campus email regularly so that you do not miss any new developments.

For your protection, we ask you to pay attention to the appropriate hygiene measures and distances between persons, even outside the university.