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Research Awards

Römer prizes awarded to Gene Center (post-)doctoral researchers


RömerStiftungLogoThe Römer Foundation awarded young researchers for their excellent scientific achievements.

Stipends were given to Katharina Braunger (AG Beckmann), Kilian Knoll (AG Hopfner), Kevin Schall (AG Hopfner) and Ines Schmidts (AG Förstemann) for outstanding reseach during their doctoral thesis. Jingdong Cheng (AG Beckmann) and Sebastian Eustermann (AG Hopfner) received the Römer award for their postdoctoral work.

Since 2005 the Dr. Klaus Römer Foundation has been supporting research at the LMU Munich by awarding personal stipends to outstanding graduate students, postdocs and junior group leaders at the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry.