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Cryo-Electron Microscopy

This state-of-the-art setup permits large-scale data collection for single particle reconstructions at atomic resolution. It is set up to generate de novo 3D structures of protein complexes by using cryo-electron microscopy.

  • The sample preparation unit is equipped for generation and glow-discharging of thin carbon films and the automated vitrification of samples (Vitrobot Mark IV) as well as for ultra-thin sectioning of embedded specimen.
  • A 100-kV Morgagni routine transmission EM can be used for rapid sample screening and analysis of standard biological specimens.
  • The 120-kV Spirit G12 EM with cryo-capabilities enables rapid data collection for medium-resolution analysis.
  • For high-resolution cryo-EM we use the 300-kV Titan Krios EM, currently the most advanced microscope on the market.
  • A Falcon II direct electron detector enables high quality data collection and recording of movie frame
  • Custom-fitted automatic acquisition software enables high throughput data collection up to 3500 micrographs per day and high performance computing pipeline was built up for on-the-fly processing of cryo-EM data

Taken together, this setup allows us to carry out ultrastructural research at the highest international level.