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Facility Guidelines

The BioSysM FACS Core Facility (FCCF) Guidelines

The BioSysM FACS core facility (FCCF) of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München provides access and advice on flow cytometry equipment. Usage of the instruments is subject to usage fees. Please download the BioSysM FACS Core Facility (FCCF) Guidelines and read it carefully. 

The core facility is located in the BioSysM, Butenandtstr.1 81377 Munich.
The main room is located on the third floor in room K 03.041 of the BioSysM building.

It is possible to apply for usage fees to be spent at the core facility in DFG grant applications according to the “Hinweise zu Gerätenutzungskosten und zu Gerätezentren” (, Introduction and chapter on “flow cytometry“).

For more information, please read the Facility User Agreement below.