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Training & Protocols

Two different trainings can be offered:

1. Training for MSc/BSc Students:

  • Starting the instrument/switching the instrument off + cleaning the instrument
  • Waste disposal
  • Running analyses from pre-existing templates including compensation calculation
  • Exporting and deleting data
  • Data safety and integrity

2. Training for PhD Students/PostDocs/Technicians:

  • Starting the instrument/switching the instrument off + cleaning the instrument, waste disposal
  • Performing CST and validating CST reports
  • Creating new experiments and templates
  • Compensation theory and PMT optimization
  • Doublet exclusion and sensible gating strategies
  • Exporting and deleting data
  • Possible data analysis strategies

Practical Training:

For the practical part of the training, we will need a sample. You can bring a sample with a similar fluorophore that we could adjust and save the setting for your future experiment.

To set-up new experiment we always need:

  1. Negative control: unstained sample or untransfected cells
  2. Positive control: stained cell or transfected cells
  3. Single stain: If you have more than one fluorochrome or fluorescence protein, prepare samples that have only one fluorescence signal.
  4. Secondary only sample: If your staining includes a primary and secondary antibody, in order to check unspecific binding, prepare a sample which is stained with secondary ab only.
  5. Full stained sample

Please arrive on time for your training session!
We will meet at Room K 03.041, Gene Center, BioSysM, Butenandtstraße 1, 81377 Munich.

Below you can find useful information and protocols.