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CRISPR/Cas – A New Tool or a Revolutionary Method?

Livestream event organized by the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS)


Panel discussion with Prof. Dr. Christoph Klein, Prof. Dr. Dominik Paquet, Dr. Silke Robatzek and Prof. Dr. Eckhard Wolf (LMU) | Moderation: Alison Abbott, Ph.D. (Nature)

The discovery that CRISPR/Cas can be used to cut DNA at specific sites eight years ago revolutionized research – especially in medicine and plant breeding. With this new method it is possible to cut and modify DNA in a targeted manner (Genome Editing) at low cost and unprecedented efficiency. Due to its ease of use CRISPR/Casassisted gene editing is a technology that is rapidly evolving. In substance: We are now able to not only read genomes, but also to re-write them essentially at will. LMU researchers report and discuss what this technology is meaning for their respective field.

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