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DateTimeGuest SpeakerTitleHost
09.10.2017 17:00 Kim Newton | Genentech, San Francisco Supression of cell death an inflammation by Ripk1 and Caspase-8 V. Hornung
24.07.2017 13:00 Jan Huisken | Morgridge Institute for Research, Wisconsin Multi-scale imaging with personalized light sheet technique QBM
10.07.2017 13:00 Yosef Yarden | Weizmann Institute EGFR and HER2: mechanisms and targeting in hard to treat cancers M. Dahlhoff (E.Wolf)
05.07.2017 13:00 Eva Nogales | UC Berkeley The human transcription initiation machinery: structure, interactions and dynamics QBM
19.06.2017 17:00 Jean-Luc Imler | University of Strasbourg tba K.Förstemann
12.06.2017 13:00 Tamir Gonen | Howard Huges Medical Institute Membrane proteins at the interface of life R. Beckmann
23.05.2017 13:00 Christine Mayr | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Regulation of protein functions by 3'UTR-mediated protein-protein interactions V. Hornung
15.05.2017 13:00 Raúl Méndez | IRB, Barcelona The CPEB family of RNA-binding proteins: Post-transcriptional (re)programing gene expression in homeostasis and disease QBM
08.05.2017 16:00 Grant Jensen | California Institute of Technology, Pasadena Discovering and dissecting cellular machines with electron cryotomography GRK 1721
24.04.2017 13:00 Jeff Coller | The Center for RNA Molecular Biology, Case Western Reserve University Codon optimality is a major determinant of mRNA stability in Eukaryotes R. Beckmann
13.03.2017 13:00 Ethan Garner | Harvard University            
Watching rods form out of spheres, how bacteria form and grow in defined widths QBM
20.02.2017 13:00
Irmgard Sinning | Heidelberg University Insights into co-translational protein targeting and folding QBM
13.02.2017 13:00 Bart Deplancke | EPFL, Lausanne Understanding and predicting complex phenotypes using genetic and molecular data QBM
23.01.2017 13:00 Helen Saibil | Birkbeck University of London Protein aggregation and disaggregation in situ and in vitro QBM
16.01.2017 13:00 Christine Vogel | NY University The ups and downs of protein expression regulation QBM


DateTimeGuest SpeakerTitleHost
28.11.2016 13:00 Domenico Libri | Institut Jacques Monod tba QBM
07.11.2016 17:00 Yukihide Tomari | University of Tokyo Biochemical and biophysical analyses of RNA silencing pathways K.Förstemann
31.10.2016 13:00 Mick Watson | The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh Can bioinformatics help feed the world? QBM
24.10.2016 14:00 Paula da Fonseca | MRC Cambridge Cryo-EM in the fight against malaria: the high resolution structure of the Plasmodium 20S proteasome in drug discovery GRK 1721
19.09.2016 13:00 Sarah Teichman | Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Understanding cellular heterogeneity QBM
18.07.2016 13:00 Carlo Camilloni | Technische Universität München Characterising the dynamics of complex systems with simulations and experimental data QBM
20.06.2016 17:00 Sunney Xie | Harvard University tba QBM
20.06.2016 16:00 Christian Klein | Roche Glycart, Schlieren Engineered therapeutic antibodies for cancer (immuno-) therapy K.-P. Hopfner
06.06.2016 17:00 Bernd Bukau | ZMBH, Heidelberg Mechanisms of chaperone assisted protein folding QBM
30.05.2016 17:00 G. Meister | Universität Regensburg tba K.Förstemann
14.03.2016 17:00 Vincent Noireaux University of Minnesota Cell-free TX-TL: from gene circuit to self-assembly in a test tube QBM
29.02.2016 17:00 Roland Kontermann | University of Stuttgart tba QBM
15.02.2016 17:00 Ralf Jungmann | MPI for biochemistry, Munich Super-Resolution Microscopy with DNA Molecules QBM
01.02.2016 17:00 Bas van Steensel | NKI tba QBM
25.01.2016 17:00 Richard Neher | MPI Tübingen tba QBM
11.01.2016 17:00 Andrej Sali | University of California, San Francisco Integrative modeling of biomolecular assemblies and pathways QBM


DateTimeGuest SpeakerTitleHost
14.12.2015 17:00 Susan Gasser | Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland tba QBM
30.11.2015 17:00 Petr Cejka | University of Zürich tba K.-P. Hopfner                                     
16.11.2015 17:00 Nina Henriette Uhlenhaut | Helmholtz Zentrum München Nuclear receptor cistromes: how hormones touch the genome K.-P. Hopfner
09.11.2015 17:00 Andrea Sinz | Institute of Pharmacy, Martin Luther University, Halle The Advancement of Chemical Cross-linking / Mass Spectrometry for Studying Protein-Protein Interactions SFB646
12.10.2015 17:00 Boris Shraiman | KITP Santa Barbara Mechanics and Growth Control in Animal Development U. Gaul
28.09.2015 17:00 Danesh Moazed | Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA tba M. Halic
21.09.2015 17:00 Ewan Birney | EMBL-EBI, Cambridge Big data in biology: impact in basic and translational research QBM
14.09.2015 17:00 Werner Kühlbrandt | Max-Planck-Institut für Biophysik, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Cryo-EM of membrane protein complexes R. Beckmann
20.07.2015 17:00 Toshifumi Inada | Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan Novel Roles Of Ribosome Ubiquitination In Quality Control Systems R. Beckmann
06.07.2015 17:00 Anton Enright | EMBL Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom Computational discovery and analysis of long non-coding RNAs in the Murine germline and Drosophila mesoderm U. Gaul
29.06.2015 17:00 Oliver Stegle | EMBL Outstation Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom Modeling transcriptional heterogeneity between people and single cells U. Gaul
15.06.2015 17:00 Caroline Kisker | Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum, Universität Würzburg The double edged sword of DNA repair GRK1721
08.06.2015 17:00 Karsten Borgwardt | ETH Zürich, Switzerland Data Mining for Personalized Medicine U. Gaul
18.05.2015 17:00 Ed Hurt | Biochemistry Center (BZH), University of Heidelberg, Germany tba R. Beckmann
04.05.2015 17:00 Jasmin Fisher | Microsoft Res. Cambridge Computing Cancer QBM
27.04.2015 17:00 Michael Groll | Technische Universität München Exploiting Nature's Rich Source of Proteasome Inhibitors as Starting Points in Drug Development. P. Wendler
20.04.2015 17:00 Andres Leschziner | Harvard University, Boston, USA Mechanism and regulation of cytoplasmic dynein QBM
13.04.2015 17:00 Ralf Erdmann | Ruhr-Universität Bochum Peroxisomes

P. Wendler

23.03.2015 17:00 Kathrin Lang | Technische Universität München Applications of an expanded genetic code - novel methods for labelling proteins GRK1721
16.03.2015 17:00 Stefan Raunser | Max-Planck-Institut für molekulare Physiologie, Dortmund, Germany How to kill a mocking bug - Structural Insights into Tc toxin complex action R. Beckmann
09.02.2015 17:00 Lotte Sogaard-Andersen | MPI für terrestrische Mikrobiologie, Marburg, Germany Regulation of cell division in bacteria QBM
02.02.2015 17:00 Thorsten Friedrich | Universität Freiburg On the mechanism of respiratory complex I K.-P. Hopfner
19.01.2015 17:00 Liedewij Laan | Delft University of Technology (TU Delft, NL) How yeast fixes a broken polarization machine: towards a mechanistic understanding of evolutionary change QBM
12.01.2015 16:00 Johan Elf | University of Uppsala Probing intracellular kinetics at the level of single molecules (Note: Lecture at 4pm not 5pm!!) QBM