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The Munich Gene Center Symposium

Celebrating 40 Years of Discovery and Envisioning Tomorrows Science

24.06.2024 at 13:00 


Symposium celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Gene Center Munich


13:00 Welcome

Karl-Peter Hopfner (Director of the Gene Center Munich)
Bernd Huber
(President of the LMU Munich)
Markus Blume
(Bavarian State Minister of Science and the Arts)
Video message by Patrick Cramer (President of the Max Planck Society)
Roland Beckmann
(Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy)
Thomas Gudermann
(Dean of the Faculty of Medicine)

The Gene Center Munich: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow:

14:00 Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker (Founding Director of the Gene Center): The Ideas Behind Its Existence
14:15 Karl-Peter Hopfner: Science Beyond Disciplines

Scientific Program:

Current and former scientists of the Gene Center, who have all taken important career steps with us, will present exciting, latest research results.

14:30 Clemens Plaschka: Mechanisms of Messenger RNA Maturation
15:05 Johanna Klughammer:
A Single-Cell and Spatial Expression Map of Metastatic Breast Cancer Biopsies
15:40 Coffee break and poster session
Early stage researchers will provide an overview of current research projects at the Gene Center.
17:10 Moritz Gaidt:
Virulence factor-triggered innate immune sensing
17:45 Carina Baer de Oliveira Mann:
Regulatory Mechanisms of Nucleotidyltransferase Activation
18:20 Daniel Wilson:
Beer, Bretzen and Blobology



Gene Center Munich
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Lynen Lecture Hall (A 0.75)
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