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BioSysM - The Systems of Biology

Inauguration of new research building: Center for Molecular Biosystems (BioSysM).


LMU President Prof. Bernd Huber, Dr. Ludwig Spaenle, Bavarian Minister for Science and Education, Stephan Müller, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Science and Education, as well as Ulrike Gaul, scientific adviser during BioSysM construction, welcomed the 120 invited guests and the BioSysM and Gene Center staff.


The BioSysM building is located in close proximity to the Gene Center building on the LMU Großhadern Campus. From the Gene Center and Department of Biochemistry, the groups of Ulrike Gaul (systems biology) and Veit Hornung (innate immunity) have relocated to the BioSysM building. BioSysM also hosts parts of Dirk Trauner’s and Don Lamb’s groups (chemical genetics and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy; Department of Chemistry) and will be home to the new Chair of Computational Biochemistry (Gene Center and Department of Biochemistry), and to experimental as well as computational biology junior groups. Gene regulatory networks

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