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Karl-Peter Hopfner receives ERC Advanced Grant


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hopfner 2664Karl-Peter Hopfner is one of the 2018 ERC advanced grantees.

Karl-Peter Hopfner, Professor of Biochemistry, is interested in how cells shape and protect their genomic information. His group uses cryo-EM, crystallography and functional approaches to study the architectures and mechanisms of macromolecular complexes in genome biology with a focus on chromatin remodelers.
With his new ERC project (INO3D), he wants to explore the mechanism of ATP-dependent chromatin modelling and editing by INO80 remodellers.

Karl-Peter Hopfner received an ERC advanced grant already in 2012. In 2016, the DFG awarded him with the Leibniz Prize for his outstanding work in structural molecular biology and genome biology.

For more information about Karl-Peter Hopfner and his research, please visit the Hopfner lab website.
Please also visit the LMU website and the ERC website.