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Leibniz Prize

Veit Hornung is one of the 2018 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz prize winners


Veit Hornung, Professor of Immunobiochemistry at the LMU Gene Center since 2015, has received Germany’s most important prize for research today!

leibniz hornung

Veit Hornung with some of his current coworkers after the DFG's announcement of the 2018 Leibniz prize winners

In his research projects, Veit Hornung is trying to understand what mechanisms are employed by the innate immune system to distinguish self from non-self or harmless from dangerous, respectively. He receives the prize together with Professor Eicke Latz of Bonn University, whose work likewise focuses on the innate immune system.

More information is available on the LMU press release.

For more information about Veit Hornung's research projects, please visit the Hornung lab website.