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RECOMB - Flagship Conference for Methods in Computational Biology

Paper from Canzar Lab accepted


RECOMB, the flagship conference for methods in computational biology, yearly accepts only around 35 papers. For the year 2019 a paper of Stefan Canzar's group was now selected.

The scope of the RECOMB conference is to bridge the areas of computational, mathematical, statistical and biological sciences. Talks and papers are selected in a highly-rigorous peer-review process aiming to feature only papers of groundbreaking research in computational biology. 

Stefan Canzar is research group leader at the Gene Center since 2016 and develops accurate mathematical models, efficient algorithms, and usable software to reconstruct information from huge data of genomics and transcriptomics experiments. One of his group’s papers entitled "Dynamic pseudo-time warping of complex single-cell trajectories" was now accepted to be part of the RECOMB conference in Washington, DC, next year in May.


Dynamic pseudo-time warping of complex single-cell trajectories
Van Hoan Do, Mislav Blažević, Pablo Monteagudo, Luka Borozan, Khaled Elbassioni, Sören Laue, Francisca Rojas Ringeling, Domagoj Matijević, and Stefan Canzar