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Jeyaprakash Arulanandam (JP) will start his ERC funded lab at the Gene Center in March 2023


Jeyaprakash Arulanandam (JP) will start his lab on March 1, 2023. During the course of the ERC grant, JP will run two labs (University of Edinburgh and Gene Center Munich). His lab at University of Edinburgh studies the molecular mechanisms of accurate cell division by structurally and biochemically characterizing key regulators (multi-subunit protein complexes) of cell division. The research funded by JP's ERC Advanced Grant focuses on the structural basis for centromere-mediated control of error-free chromosome segregation.

jp_main_smallJP lab - Structural Biology of Cell Division

We are interested in understanding the mechanism of chromosome segregation during cell division. Particularly, we aim to obtain high-resolution mechanistic insights into how centromere assembly and function and RNA-modification activities ensure error-free chromosome segregation. Towards this goal, we employ an integrative structure-function approach combining cryoEM, Crystallography and CrossLinking/MS with proteomics and cell biology.


For more Information please visit the JP lab website (Gene Center) and his webpage at the University of Edinburgh.