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Arulanandam (JP) Lab - Structural Biology of Cell Division

jp_mainResearch Topics

  • Integrative Structural Cell Biology
  • Mechanisms of Chromosome Segregation
  • RNA Modifications and Spindle Assembly

Prof. Jeyaprakash Arulanandam (JP)

His ERC-funded lab has started at the Gene Center on 1st March 2023. Please note his job operning.

phone: +49 (0)89 - 2180 76962

We are interested in understanding the mechanism of chromosome segregation during cell division. Particularly, we aim to obtain high-resolution mechanistic insights into how centromere assembly and function and RNA-modification activities ensure error-free chromosome segregation. Towards this goal, we employ an integrative structure-function approach combining cryoEM, Crystallography and CrossLinking/MS with proteomics and cell biology.

Selected Publications

Mechanistic Basis for Sgo1-Mediated Centromere Localisation and Function of the CPC.
Abad, M. A*., Gupta, T*., Hadders, M, A., Meppelink, A., Wopken, J. P., Blackburn, E., Zou, J., Gireesh, A., Buzuk, L., Kelly, D, A., McHugh, T., Rappsilber, J., Lens, S. M. A and Jeyaprakash, A. A.
J. Cell Biol (2022) 221(8):e202108156 Doi:10.1083/jcb.202108156 (*equal contibution) PubMed

Structural Basis for Centromere Maintenance by Drosophila CENP-A Chaperone Cal1.
Medina-Pritchard, B., Lazou, V., Zou, J., Byron O., Abad, M. A., Rappsilber, J., Heun, P and Jeyaprakash, A. A.
EMBO J (2020) Doi:10.15252/embj.2019103234. PubMed

Direct Nucleosome Binding of Borealin Secures Chromosome Association and Function of the CPC.
Abad, M. A., Ruppert, J. G., Buzuk, L., Wear, M. A., Zou, J., Webb, K. M., Kelly, D. A., Voigt, P., Rappsilber, J., Earnshaw, W. C and Jeyaprakash, A. A.
J Cell Biol (2019) 218(12):3912-3925. PubMed

Structural Basis for Microtubule Recognition by the Human Kinetochore Ska Complex.
Abad, M. A., Medina, B., Santamaria, A., Zou, J., Plasberg-Hill, C., Madhumalar, A., Jayachandran, U., Redli, P. M., Rappsilber, J., Nigg, E. A. and Jeyaprakash. A. A.
Nat Commun (2014) Jan13; 5:2964. Doi:10.1038/ncomms3964 PubMed

More publications