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Theurich Lab - Cancer- and Immunometabolism

theurich_mainResearch Topics

    • Cancer- and Immunometabolism
    • Cancer Treatment Responses
    • Natural Killer (NK) cells


Complex metabolic networks generate and transform energy and building blocks for cellular fitness, function and growth. Whereas the basic biochemical principles of metabolism have been uncovered in the last century, in-depth understanding of cell specific mechanisms and their impact on the regulation of immune response and cancer biology has emerged only recently. Read more...

Selected Publications

NK cells link obesity-induced adipose stress to inflammation and insulin resistance.
FM, Jelenčić V, Valentić S, Šestan M, Wensveen TT, Theurich S, Glasner A, Mendrila D, Štimac D, Wunderlich FT, Brüning JC, Mandelboim O, Polić B (2015).
Nat immunol. 16(4): 376–385.

IL-6/Stat3-Dependent Induction of a Distinct, Obesity-Associated NK Cell Subpopulation Deteriorates Energy and Glucose Homeostasis.
Theurich S, Tsaousidou E, Hanssen R, Lempradl AM, Mauer J, Timper K, Schilbach K, Folz-Donahue K, Heilinger C, Sexl V, Pospisilik JA, Wunderlich FT, Brüning JC (2017).
Cell Metab. 26(1): 171-184.e6.

Influence of obesity and gender on treatment outcomes in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) undergoing rituximab-based chemoimmunotherapy.
Fürstenau M, Hopfinger G, Robrecht S, Fink AM, Al-Sawaf O, Langerbeins P, Cramer P, Tresckow JV, Maurer C, Kutsch N, Hoechstetter M, Dreyling M, Lange E, Kneba M, Stilgenbauer S, Döhner H, Hensel M, Kiehl MG, Jaeger U, Wendtner CM, Goede V, Fischer K, von Bergwelt-Baildon M, Eichhorst B, Hallek M, Theurich S (2020). Leukemia 34(4): 1177–1181.

Local Tumor Treatment in Combination with Systemic Ipilimumab Immunotherapy Prolongs Overall Survival in Patients with Advanced Malignant Melanoma.
Theurich S, Rothschild SI, Hoffmann M, Fabri M, Sommer A, Garcia-Marquez M, Thelen M, Schill C, Merki R, Schmid T, Koeberle D, Zippelius A, Baues C, Mauch C, Tigges C, Kreuter A, Borggrefe J, von Bergwelt-Baildon M, Schlaak M (2016).
Cancer Immunol Res.

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