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Innate Immunity and Inflammation - lecture

LSF code: T1QC-M



Prof. Veit Hornung VH

The physical integrity of every living organism is at constant risk of being attacked by microorganisms of its environment or pathologically transformed cells of its own body. The main function of the cells, molecules and mechanisms that we refer to as the ‘immune system’ is to maintain the individual integrity of our body against these threats. In this context, the innate branch of the immune system serves as the first line of defense that has the intricate task to detect molecules and organisms that are of danger to the organism. Apart from executing immediate antimicrobial functions at the cellular and systemic level (e.g. inflammation), the innate immune system also plays a fundamental role in orchestrating adaptive immune responses.

This lecture course teaches fundamental principles of how the innate immune system works to sense non-self, how it is connected to adaptive immune responses, how it protects against microbial infection and how aberrant activation of the innate immune system triggers inflammation in the context of non-infectious diseases.

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