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Lecture-Molecular System Biology

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Attention! Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control it is currently unclear whether „Molecular Systems Biology“ can be offered during the 2017/2018 academic year. If you want to enroll in this extension topic, please announce yourself via email to This will help us make plans and we will keep you informed about the situation. Wednesdays 10-12 pm, seminar room K02.045 in BioSysM

Dr. Stefan Canzar SC
Prof. Ulrike Gaul UG

This lecture course will familiarize the students with genome-wide data sets and the methods that are used to produce them. We will look at the genome, the transcriptome and study the processes of gene activation, from enhancers to promoters to transcription initiation, elongation and termination. We will also study the 3D architecture of active and repressive chromatin in the nucleus, post-transcriptional regulation and regulatory networks. The students will learn how to tackle genomic data by computational methods.