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WP27 Main Topic Cell Biology I – lectures (9 ECTS Points)

WP 27.0.1 Advanced lecture on Cell Biology
WP 27.0.2 Lecture on Advanced Methods in Cell Biology
WP 27.0.3 Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Plants
WP 27.0.4 Lecture on Fundamentals in Cell Biology
WP 27.0.5 Special lecture on Cell Biology
WP 27.0.6 Special lecture on Methods in Cell Biology

You need to choose three lectures among the following:

main instructorlecture nameWS/SS
Prof. Soll WP 27.0.3 Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Plants WS
Prof. Lambie WP 27.0.1 Mechanisms of animal development
(Part 1, invertebrates)
Prof. Böttger WP 27.0.2 From cannabis and nicotine to anti-cancer drugs: plant derived drugs and how they function in plants and in humans WS
Prof. Conradt WP 27.0.5 Current topics in cell and developmental biology SS
Dr. Mikeladze-Dvali WP 27.0.4 Mechanisms of animal development
(Part 2, vertebrates)
Prof. Schwenkert WP 27.0.6 Membranes - biological and chemical aspects SS

 Prerequisites for certain lectures: none

Which lecture is held during the current semester, room and time and LSF code you can find here: lsf

Module exam

Written exam (120 min); graded;
The written exam for module WP27 will be held twice a year at the end of each semester;
The exam will cover three cell Biology lectures from the past winter semester and three Cell Biology lectures from the past summer semester.
Date for the next module exam will be announced on our  news page

Registration is mandatory by email to Angelika Böttger: Deadline is one week before the exam (the corresponding Monday!).

In the body of the e-mail please give your
- name
- Matrikel-number
- module exam your are registering for
- three lectures from Cell Biology (see above) that you choose for the module exam