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WP28 Main Topic Microbiology I – lectures (9 ECTS Points)

WP 28.0.1 Advanced lecture on Microbiology
WP 28.0.2 Special lecture on Microbiology
WP 28.0.3 Special lecture on Methods in Microbiology

Five lectures are offered and three of them have to be chosen for the exam:

main instructorlecture nameWS/SS
Bramkamp, Klingl Bacterial Cell Biology SS
Jung, Jung Microbial Physiology
(every second WS, alternating with lecture below)
Jung, Papenfort Molecular environmental microbiology and developmental responses (every second WS) WS
Jung, Weiß Medizinische Mikrobiologie
(only in German)
Cordes Detection and analysis of biomolecules - Microscopy and spectroscopy in the life sciences WS

 Prerequisites for certain lectures: none

Which lecture is held during the current semester, room and time and LSF codes please find here: lsf

Module exam

Written exam (120 min); graded;
The written exam for module WP28 will be held twice a year at the end of each semester.
The exam will cover all Microbiology lectures from the past winter and summer semester.
Next module exam:

Registration is mandatory by email to Prof. K. Jung:

In the body of the e-mail please give your

  • name
  • Matrikel-number
  • module exam your are registering for
  • three lectures from Micro Biology (see above) that you choose for the module exam