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WP8 Main topic Cell Biology - practical course

WP 8.1 Advanced research practical course in Cell Biology
WP 8.2 Advanced seminar in Cell Biology

The research laboratory course in Cell Biology can be performed in in any of the Cell Biology research groups at the faculty of Biology of the LMU.
Information about the groups and their research topics can be found here: Cell Biology
Please contact Prof. Böttger if you have a question whether a group belongs to the field of Cell Biology.

The research lab course is an all-day course, lasting 6 weeks during semester breaks and 8 weeks during the semester when lectures are being attended (= WP 8.1). During the course, you participate in the lab meetings of your research group (= WP 8.2). At the end of your research project, you will prepare a final written report and present a seminar in your group’s lab meeting. The written report has to be submitted within two month after the end of the practical course.
Your grade for the module WP8 will be based on the evaluation of your research, your final report and seminar presentation.
For grading the supervisor should use this form: grading form
Please point your supervisor to the respective website. The form has to be downloaded to be fiiled in and saved with a new name.

Note: The research lab course canNOT be performed in the same lab where you carried out your Bachelor thesis project.

If you wish to perform the research lab course outside the Gene Center, you have to obtain permission from Prof. Böttger. Please put together a brief application containing your contact data, a short description of the planned research (1-2 pages), an explanation why the research should be performed externally, and information about the host lab (research, contact). In addition, your external advisor needs to sign a consent form stating that s/he understands the requirements for the research lab course (consent form).

The signed application and the signed requirement form has to be submitted to the master's student office before starting the external practical course.
In addition, an electronic copy (pdf-file) of the written report has to be sent to

For grading of external research courses the supervisor should use the grading form (see above). Please point your supervisor to the respective website.

Please also check the research course guidelines for further information about external research courses in Cell Biology.