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Education and Teaching Guidelines

Doctoral students are expected to regularly participate in lecture series that are considered part of the program, namely:

  • Monday Seminar Series featuring talks by outside speakers as well as PhD/Postdoc talks by Gene Center speakers
  • Special lectures offered by the different graduate schools (QBM, IMPRS).
  • Workshops to improve writing and oral presentation skills, literature research etc. are offered by the university. At least one such course should be attended. Please check under

Communicating scientific results in a clear and compelling fashion is a crucial skill for a scientific career, and doctoral students are expected to work on their scientific communication skills in various ways:

  • Presentations in lab group meetings and TAC meetings
  • Poster presentations at the annual Gene Center retreat
  • Presentation in the PhD/Postdoc Seminar Series at least once
  • Presentation of (completed) projects at international meetings or workshops

Meeting attendance can be sponsored by different organizations:

Doctoral students are also expected to participate in teaching and supervising Bachelor and Master students:

  • 4 weeks of teaching support (preparation and supervision of laboratory courses, grading students exams etc)
  • supervision of Bachelor thesis projects and Master research and thesis projects in their lab.