Gene Center Munich

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Structured PhD Programs

Gene Center groups also participate in several structured PhD programs that offer additional advanced coursework and specialized training, as well as substantial financial support (PhD fellowships).

  • Graduate School of Quantitative Biosciences Munich (QBM)


    QBM aims at preparing young life scientists for the new era of quantitative, systems-oriented bioscience. It provides an innovative, integrated PhD training program that is international in outlook and brings together a range of diverse disciplines, from biochemistry and medicine to bioinformatics, experimental and theoretical (bio-)physics, and applied mathematics. more

  • IMPRS for Molecules of Life


    The IMPRS for Molecules of Life is a center of excellence for the training of doctoral researchers in the areas of biochemistry, structural biology, biophysics, cell biology, systems biology, and computational biology. The research school takes an interdisciplinary approach to integrate these different research areas to provide a multidisciplinary PhD program. more