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Lecture Series Horizons 20XX

Special Lecture Series, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Gene Center Munich

Outstanding speakers who are doing pioneering research present the current status of their work and take a look at the future development of the field. The lectures take place in the Lynen Lecture Hall.

 April 15: Enabling Discovery by In-Cell Structural Biology

horizons20xx_mahamidJulia Mahamid, EMBL Heidelberg

The Mahamid team brings together two disciplines in structural and cell biology, namely the emerging field of biomolecular condensates and state-of-the-art cellular cryo-electron tomography, to advance the understanding on the functional organisation of the cytoplasm.

Past lectures:
March 18: The Immune System of Bacteria: Beyond CRISPR

horizons20xx_sorekRotem Sorek, Department of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science

The Sorek lab combines computational genomics and modern AI methods with microbiology, genetics and biochemistry, to decipher the secrets of wars at the microscopic level. Specifically, they study how phages attack bacteria, and how bacteria defend themselves against such attacks. They are interested in deciphering the molecular mechanisms providing bacteria with protection against phages, collectively known as the "immune system" of bacteria.

January 29: Machine Learning in Systems Biology: Now and Next


Karsten Borgwardt, Research Department Machine Learning and Systems Biology, MPI Biochemistry

Big data analysis and biomedical research meet in the Borgwardt lab: They develop novel data mining algorithms to detect patterns and statistical dependencies in large datasets from biology and medicine.
The team is working towards two central goals: To enable the automatic generation of new knowledge from big data through machine learning, and to gain an understanding of the relationship between the function of biological systems and their molecular properties.