Gene Center Munich

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Research Areas

Research at the Gene Center focusses on genome and systems biology, innate immunity and infection biology, and translational medicine. Our approaches are often interdisciplinary and range from structural and molecular biology to computational and system wide studies.

Research groups belong to one or more key research areas:

Structural and Molecular Biology

Gene Center groups study the structure, mechanism and choreography of macromolecular complexes in genome, ribosome and RNA biology, as well as innate immunity.

Genome and Systems Biology

We want to understand organismic function, evolution and disease based on comprehensive measurements and computer simulations.

Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine aims to carry advances in disease-oriented basic research “from bench to bedside” to develop new therapies or medical procedures.

Innate Immunity and Infection Biology

Researchers are trying to decipher how the innate immune system senses non-self by employing cell biological, virological, genetic, and biochemical approaches.