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Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine aims to carry advances in disease-oriented basic research “from bench to bedside” to develop new therapies or medical procedures. In turn, clinical observations and questions are the basis of new scientific hypotheses that are addressed in the laboratory (“from bedside to bench”).

Groups at the Gene Center follow this bidirectional concept in a highly interdisciplinary effort, to identify novel therapeutic targets, develop treatment strategies, validate them in a range of model organisms, and test them in preclinical and clinical trials.

Research groups working in the field of translational medicine:

Karl-Peter Hopfner

Structural Molecular Biology

Oliver T. Keppler

HIV-host Interactions and Chemo-Sensitization

Christoph Klein

Molecular Medicine

Sebastian Theurich

Cancer & Immunometabolism

Marion Subklewe

Translational Cancer Immunology

Eckhard Wolf

Growth, Metabolism and Reproduction in Mammals