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Research Networks

  • Graduate School of Quantitative Biosciences Munich (QBM)


    QBM aims at preparing young life scientists for the new era of quantitative, systems-oriented bioscience. It provides an innovative, integrated PhD training program that is international in outlook and brings together a range of diverse disciplines, from biochemistry and medicine to bioinformatics, experimental and theoretical (bio-)physics, and applied mathematics. more

  • Research Training Group 1721 (GRK1721)


    The GRK1721 research and training program enables cross-disciplinary doctoral projects to address the structure, mechanism and molecular regulation of both transient and modular macromolecular complexes in genome biology. It includes a credit-based training and mentoring program with required and optional activities, which allows the doctoral researchers to tailor the curriculum according to their individual needs and project requirements. more

  • Bavarian Research Network for Molecular Biosystems (BioSysNet)

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    The Bavarian Research Network for Molecular Biosystems aims at concentrating and expanding existing Bavarian competencies and skills in the area of biosystems research; this way it will enhance international attention towards Bavaria in this innovative research field. The network builds on the expertise of the Bavarian Genome Research Network (BayGene) as well as the Bavarian Immunotherapy Network (BayImmuNet), which were established in 2004 and 2008 respectively. more