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Our crystallization platform provides a broad platform for semi-automated crystallization of proteins and complexes using different approaches.

State-of-the art liquid-handling systems enable fast and easy preparation of crystallization screens and setups. For high-throughput initial screening of crystallization conditions we use a 4-Channel Phoenix Robot that is able to set 100 nL protein drops per well. Preparation of larger volumes of refinement solutions or remapping of existing screens into different fomats (e.g. falcons to 96 deepwell plates) can be done using the Tecan Evo200 Liquid Handling robot that is equipped with a robotic manipulator arm and a RoboSeal system for sealing of the 96well-plates. Screeing and minpulation of crystals is performed using manual microscopes equipped with polarization filters and cameras.

The lab is temperature-stabilized and provides ample lab space for manual setups, manipulation and preparation of protein crystals for synchrotron measurements, as well as different temperature-controlled incubators and storage possibilities.