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Training & Protocols

Training consists of two parts:

1. Theoretical Part:

Each user should have a basic theoretical understanding of the underlying imaging concept. To this end facility staff will regularly give lectures on basic topics.

In addition, self-study is required. Our website lists downloads (please see below) and websites for this purpose.

2. Practical Part:

For practical, hands-on training, facility staff and the user will together schedule a training session on the respective instrument. Prerequisite is sufficient expertise on the entry-level TEM Morgagni, which can be gained under tuition of staff from AG Haszprunar (users from Biozentrum/LMU) or AG Beckmann (users from Gene Center).

Practical training for CEM may consist of several sessions, depending on the complexity of the machine and previous knowledge.

Three successive levels of training are offered by the facility in a strict order

  • in the first phase grid making, negative stain procedures and the use of the simplest electron microscope, the Morgagni, are taught;
  • during the second phase users are made familiar with the production of vitrified samples using the Vitrobots and with the handling of the screening cryo-microscope, the 120 KeV Spirit;
  • lastly, in the third phase handling of the high-end microscopes will be taught.

For example, a first practical introduction to cryo-electron microscopy will take about 3 hours. For an introductory session on these microscopes, the normal usage fee for 3 hours will be charged. Depending on user experience more sessions may be necessary.

Below you can find useful information and protocols.