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Stingele Lab - News

January 2023 - New Paper

The FANCJ helicase unfolds DNA-protein crosslinks to promote their repair.

December 2022 - New Preprint

An auto-release mechanism for HMCES-DNA-protein crosslinks.

April 2022: New PhD student

Another Max joins the lab ;)

October 2021: New technician

Katharina joins the lab. Welcome!

September 2021: New PhD student

Sophie joins the lab. Welcome!

August 2021: Vallee Scholar Award

Julian was awarded a scholarship by the Vallee Foundation

June 2021: New PhD student

Denitsa joins the lab. Welcome!

April 2021: New PhD student

Max continues his outstanding Master thesis work!

December 2020 - New Paper

A ubiquitin switch controls activty of the DNA-protein crosslink repair protease SPRTN.

December 2020: EMBO Young Investigator Programme

Julian was selected as EMBO Young Investigator! 

November 2020: Stefan Jentsch Fellowship

Max was awarded a Stefan Jentsch Fellowship by the German Society for Research on DNA repair for his Master thesis project!

August 2020 - New Paper

DNA structure-specific cleavage of DNA-protein crosslinks by the SPRTN protease.

June 2020: New IMPRS PhD student

Jackie joins the lab. Welcome!

December 2019: Römer Award

Pedro was awarded by the Römer Foundation for his outstanding Master thesis. Congratulations!

September 2019: New PhD student

Pedro joins the lab. Welcome!

July 2019: Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award

Julian was awarded the "Bayer Early Excellence in Science Award 2019" by the Bayer Foundation

April 2019: New PhD student

Aleida joins the lab from Italy. Welcome!

February 2019: PTES Fellowship

Ricky was awarded a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship by the Peter and Traudl Engelhorn Foundation. Congratulations!

July 2018: ERC Starting Grant

Our lab receives 1.5 million Euros in EU funding

June 2018: Krupp Award

Julian was awarded the "Alfried Krupp-Förderpreis 2018" by the Krupp foundation

June 2018: CSC Fellowship

Shubo Zhao was awarded a 4-year PhD fellowship by the China Scholarship Council and will join us in October. Congratulations, Shubo!