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02/2024 - DFG Priority Program Mitostasis

Starting this fall, our lab will be a founding member of the new DFG consortium "Mitostasis". We look forward to interacting with great scientists across all of Germany about fun mito biology!

01/2024 - Best Master's Thesis Award

Madleen receives best Master's thesis award by the Mayor of Freising for her outstanding work in our lab. Congratulations!

10/2023 - New Paper

The histone chaperone ANP32B regulates chromatin incorporation of the atypical human histone variant macroH2A. Nice collaboration with the Ladurner and Mattiroli labs. Read the full story here

10/2023 - Vallee Scholar Award

Deeply honored that we have been selected for a Vallee Scholar Award of the Vallee Foundation based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Great team effort by the lab that laid the groundwork for the planned research agenda.

10/2023 - Engelhorn Fellowship Gonca

Gonca is being awarded a postdoctoral fellowship of The Peter & Traudl Engelhorn Foundation. Fantastic support for fundamental research that will supercharge her investigation of the integrated stress response! 

07/2023 - Welcome Gonca

Gonca Cetin, origianlly from Turkey, joins the lab for her postdoctral work. Welcome Gonca!

06/2023 - New Paper

A mitochondrial iron-responsive pathway regulated by DELE1. Congratulations to Eva and Evelyn! Great collaboration with the Sekine lab at Pitt. Read the full story here

06/2023 - Welcome Shivaani

Shivaani Kirankumar joins the lab for her MSc thesis. Welcome Shivaani!

03/2023 - Welcome Daniele

Daniele Rubol Delvai from Tyrol/Trieste joins the lab for his MSc thesis. Welcome Daniele!

02/2023 - Welcome Elena

Elena Czeslik joins the lab after completing her studies of pharmaceutical sciences here at LMU. Welcome Elena!

11/2022 Welcome Michael & Madleen

New undergraduate students Madleen and Michael join the lab. Michael is studying cellular proteostasis mechanisms and Madleen investigates cellular responses to metabolic rewiring. As an inaugural experiment, we already collectively tested the metabolic impact of consuming Madleen's famed cherry pie. Preliminary result: Omnomnom. Great to have you two around!

09/2022 - New Paper

A haploid genetic screen by Evelyn identifies the kinase NAGK as the missing link in bacterial cell wall detection by NOD2. Great collaboration with the Hornung lab! Read the full story at Nature.

07/2022 - New Paper

Check out the role of the OMA1-DELE1-HRI pathway discovered by Evelyn in the cellular response against protein misfolding in CHCHD10 mitochondrial myopathy. Great collaboration with the Narendra lab at the NIH. Full story available here.

07/2022 - BIF Hanna

Hanna is being awarded a prestigious PhD fellowship by Boehringer Ingelheim. She will investigate cellular proteostasis in the wake of mitochondrial dysfunction. Amazing news!

06/2022 - Krupp Award

We are being awarded the 2022 Krupp Award of the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach Foundation. Fantastic news and welcome support in our quest to unlock mitochondria with functional genomics. Interested? Come join the ride here.

06/2022 - EMBO Max

Max was selcted for an EMBO postdoctoral fellowship! He will decipher mitochondrial phenotypes with cutting-edge tech. Congratulations, fantastic achievement!

04/2022 - New Paper

Mitochondrial stress integration by DELE1 through the ancient conserved processes of protein import and processing in the organelle with implications for human neurodegenerative settings. Fantastic work by Evelyn and Luisa. Check out the full stroy here!

01.10.2021 - Life Sciences Bridge Award

Our lab is awarded the 2021 Life Sciences Bridge Award of the Aventis Foundation. Their generous support will fuel our hunt for mitochondrial stress mechanisms.

02.08.2021 - Welcome back Lena

We are excited to welcome back our own Swabian allstar, Lena Langer, for her MSc thesis. Wodsch aut, die isch a Käpsele!

01.08.2021 - Welcome Max

Max Schuler joins the lab with a fresh PhD out of Salt Lake City. Welcome Max, U-tah best!

01.08.2021 - Welcome Hanna

Hanna Fieler, our latest PhD student trained in Tübingen and The Highlands, joins the lab. "There can be only one!" -Duncan McLeod

06.07.2021 - New Paper

How do human cells sense, signal and survive mitochondrial stress? Review by Eva, Olga, Luisa and Evelyn now online. Check it out!

15.03.2021 - Congratulations Igor

Igor defends his MSc thesis. Big crowd of friends and family dial in from Brazil to witness a stellar performance. Congratulations!

01.03.2021 - Welcome Xiang

Xiang Zhang, a virologist from China, joins the lab. Welcome, Xiang!

24.12.2020 - Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a great 2021 from the entire (Yippie Yippie) Jae lab!

22.12.2020 - Congratulations Luisa

Huge congratulations to Luisa who defends her MSc thesis with flying colors in a virtual seminar! Asparatastic!

16.12.2020 - Welcome Alex

Alex Anastasakis, a multilingual biology undergraduate student from Crete, joins the lab for his MSc thesis. Welcome!

01.10.2020 - New Paper

Hannah's paper on SPRTN DNA structure specificity is now online. Great collaboration!

15.09.2020 - Welcome Mina

Mina Pellegrini, a mitochondrial enthusiast from southern Italy, joins the lab. Welcome, Mina!

01.09.2020 - Welcome back Igor

Shout out to Igor who returns to the lab to work on his MSc thesis after having honed his 'biohacking' skills at the the faculty of biology.

01.09.2020 - IMPRS Applications Open

Interested in genomics, genome engineering, and mitochondria? We are recruiting a PhD student through the fantastic IMPRS-LS program in Munich. Application is now open! Get in touch with us and jump in here!

31.08.2020 - Congratulations Olga

Heartfelt congratulations to our LMU biochemistry student Olga Ziegemann for completing an awesome MSc thesis on mitochondrial biology in our group! көңіл көтеру!

01.07.2020 - Welcome Seb

Sebastian Inchaustegui Huerta, a Spain-born UK-trained Peruvian metabolomist from Portual, joins the lab. Welcome, Seb!

04.03.2020 - New Paper

How do mitochondria deal with stress? Evelyn's paper on a new pathway is now online. Great team effort by our staff and undergrads!

18.02.2020 - Welcome Luisa

Luisa Krumwiede, a biochemist from the far north, joins the lab. Welcome on board!